Polyfam 777

Polyfam 777 is a non-plasticized aqueous dispersion based on acrylic and methacrylic acid esters.

Recommended Application Areas

Gloss paints
Fiber cement coatings
Masonry paints
Window frame coatings
Impregnating stains for wood
Wood coatings, pigmented
Wood stain varnishes
Metal coatings
Deep shade paints


Polyfam 777 is a suitable binder for the production of dispersion-based gloss paints. It can also be used for the manufacturing of other coatings with a high binder content such as wood stains or vinyl silk paints. Paint films have a good resistance to ageing and are notable for their improved wet adhesion on old alkyd resin paint films under the influence of water and/or simultaneous mechanical stress.

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