About Us

Founded in 1978, Resinfam Co. is widely acclaimed as the prominent manufacturers of water – borne emulsion polymers in Iran.
The company owes its success to a corporate strategy primarily concerned with achieving customer satisfaction through invariable commitment to quality improvement and product diversification.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is demonstrated in the ability to deliver products and services in compliance with customer needs which would, at the same time, serve as a solid base for the company's growth and development.

Constant, effective interaction with the ever changing needs and desires of the customers in target markets, along with an on-going quest for better product attributes have required Resinfam to develop an organizational structure based on professional competence, innovation, initiative and accountability.
In compliance with the prevailing top management perspective, Resinfam has constantly been striving to cultivate an organizational culture which attaches central priority to innovation, flexibility and an ever- present capability to learn from experience.

Towards this goal, we take pride in our young, talented engineering and commercial staffs as the Company’s most valuable asset.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that Resinfam Co. rightfully boasts of the industry's highest ratio of university graduates in responsible positions with respect to our total manpower.

Resinfam Co. owes its manufacturing know-how to German industry. Special tribute must be paid to ex-Hoechst AG. In 1995, our polymerization facility in the vicinity of Isfahan was thoroughly renovated under a technical assistance agreement with Hoechst. The facility located in a land area of 400,000 sq.m, with the associated plant equipment, may safely be rated as technologically advanced as any similar operational unit elsewhere.

The 1995 agreement with Hoechst also featured technology transfer arrangements enabling Resinfam to acquire manufacturing know-how for select items from Hoechst's exhaustive product range.