Polyfam 300

Polyfam 300 is an aqueous non-plasticized dispersion based on vinyl acetate.

Recommended Application Areas

Wood glues
Paper and packaging adhesives
Needlefelt carpet back coatings
Woven carpet back coatings
 Non woven finishing

Polyfam 300 is used as carpet back coating, either filled or unfilled due to its good pigment binding power. The finished carpets are stiff and tough.
Polyfam 300 shows a rapid increase in bond strength. The dispersion is therefore particularly suitable for the manufacture of fast-setting wood glues and paper adhesives.
Adhesives based on Polyfam 300 are especially suitable for dowel or assembly glues for seating furniture. Polyfam 300 is not suitable for exterior applications. The film reemulsifies.

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