Polyfam PR597

Polyfam PR597 is a high performance water reducer with some retardation, which can be used for high risers and large size buildings, requiring long-term workability with slump retention without any negative impact on setting time.
Polyfam PR597 complies with ASTM C 494 type F and G.


Polyfam PR597 shows good water reducing and slump retention. Polyfam PR597 practically improves pumpability due to low viscosity of concrete, resulting in good workability at extended time.
Polyfam PR597 shows better water reducing than Naphthalene and Melamine based water reducers.
Polyfam PR597 is used and recommended for the hereunder applications.
•    Skyscrapers and large size buildings.
•    Self-compacting concrete structures requiring high fluidity.
•    Bridges requiring high strength and durability.
•     Long-term casting construction sites requiring consistent concrete.
•    Other concretes that need both initial dispersion and high performance of slump retention.

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