*Polyfam PR588B

Polyfam PR588B is an emulsion of a copolymer of acrylic acid ester and styrene.

Recommended Application Areas
Interior paints
Exterior paints
High gloss paints
Semi-gloss paints

Polyfam PR588B opaque polymer expands the boundaries of light scattering technology, providing the most efficient dry hiding in interior and exterior coatings. Additionally, this non-film forming synthetic pigment is specially engineered to improve the economics of water-borne coatings while maintaining coating performance.
Like its predecessors, Polyfam PR588B opaque polymer is a hollow-sphere polymeric pigment that allows paint manufacturers to reduce the raw material cost of their formulations with no performance penalties. In addition to providing the most efficient dry-hiding properties, Polyfam PR588B opaque polymer offers wide range benefits in interior and exterior paint formulations.

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