polyfam 103

Polyfam 103 is an acid-containing, crosslinked acrylic emulsion copolymer.

Recommended Application Areas
Waterborne paints
Waterborne inks
Aqueous waxes and polishes

Polyfam 103 forms viscous solution at low concentrations upon neutralization with a base and is used as a thickener in waterborne coatings. When the emulsion is diluted with water and neutralized with a base, each emulsion particle swells greatly. The emulsion clarifies under these conditions and become highly viscous. The high viscosity of Polyfam 103 solutions, even at low concentrations, suggests their use to suspend pigments and fillers in water based paints, inks or other coatings of the abrasive particles in waxes or polishes.
It is also useful for viscosity adjustment of emulsion and latex compounds of many types.

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