Polyfam PR564

Polyfam PR564 is a high performance AE water reducer, which can be applied to high risers and large size building requiring high strength and normal fluidity concretes.
Polyfam PR564 complies with ASTM C 494 type A and F.


Polyfam PR564 Produces consistent concretes by protecting materials separation. Polyfam PR564B shows excellent water reducing and thus can be used for self-compacting concretes.
Polyfam PR564 shows better water reducing than Naphthalene and Melamine based water reducers.
Polyfam PR564 is used and recommended for the hereunder applications.
•    Skyscrapers and large size buildings.
•    Self-compacting concrete structures requiring high fluidity.
•    Bridges requiring high strength and durability.
•     Pre-cast concrete structures with consistent concretes.
•    Others such as high water reducing engineering works and structures.

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